Do you know the way sales products are presented from your telco as being the complete answer to what you want,…..but aren’t. WE FILL IN THE GAPS!

  • external connectivity
  • Infrastructure
  • Flexible growth path comms & ICT
  • Enhancement
  • Support
  • We get the lines & broadband in, we cable the premises, we enable phones & wifi, we get integrations going to 3rd party systems. We do electrical (everything) & we support the whole lot.

    We don&’t do PCs but we have a partner who does!

    We provide Capex, Opex & a mixture.

    Network: Eir, Magnet VirginMedia
    Wifi: Engenius, Xirrus, Ubitiqui
    Phones: NEC, Unify, Avaya, Panasonic, Shoretel
    UC Hosted Phones: IPTel, Magnet Voice, Shoretel